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Frequently Asked Questions 


This FAQ list was designed to help answer your questions related to XtraBuild. While we have tried to anticipate many of your questions, you may have others that we did not answer below. To ask a question, please write to us at support@xtrabuild.com.



1. Do we need XtraBuild Runtime to use/deploy the job done with the Designer?


If you use the project(s) on the same computer where XtraBuild Designer is installed, you do not need a Runtime. XtraBuild Designer can run any project created with it, using the RUN command from the main Ribbonbar.
If you want to distribute and/or sell your projects created with XtraBuild Designer on several computers, then you have to install XtraBuild Runtime Ultimate Edition on each computer.



2. Is it possible to design the database in windows and then run it as a standalone application on mobile devices such as android and iOS?


Current edition of XtraBuild Designer allows you to create and run applications only on Windows desktop.



3. Most Linux-based hosting services support MySQL.  Can I use XtraBuild to create the whole setup locally and then upload that setup to the hosting site?


XtraBuild Designer is a Windows Desktop application which allows you to build and run XtraBuild Projects. These projects are small, secure files that contain the description of the application (database structure, forms, icons, menus, reports, etc.). After you created the project, you can deploy the project (using “Deploy ” command from RibbonBar) to any empty database to update de database structure according to the project description.

It’s up to you to store the database on Linux or Windows and to consume data through php scripts, .net or any other way you prefer.

Please keep in mind that XtraBuild Designer and XtraBuild Runtime recognizes the database structure only if it was created with XtraBuild Designer. It has no sense to connect with XtraBuild to a database created with another application. In fact, anytime you “Deploy”, you adjust database to be synchronized with the project. So you can do it on the fly, after you make any changes on the project.



4. When you write “anytime you ,,Deploy” in the previous answer, you adjust database to be synchronized with the project , do you mean that the CONTENT (data) are updated from local project to online installation (one way)? Or do you mean that only the structure and rules etc. are updated? Or something else? 


You, as a developer do not manage your customers’ data (CONTENT), most probably you work on test databases - locally, until you finish your project.

When you “Deploy” the Project from XtraBuild Designer two things happen in the database you are connected to:

1. the structure of the database is updated, according to the project description;

2. the project itself (about 1MB) is placed in the database.

When a user connects to the database with a Runtime, it will load the project on the fly and build RibbonBar, forms, reports, charts according to the project. You, as a developer, modify your project on your computer, in XtraBuild Designer, and update your project in your 100s customers’ database. This way, each user will always use the latest version of the project updated by you.

If the user does not allow you to connect to his database to update the latest version of the project, he can update it himself, from Runtime, if you provide him the Project file and he has Administrator Rights in Runtime. 



5. Have your users experienced any issues while running XtraBuild Designer on VirtualBox and Parallels 8?


XtraBuild Designer is working 100% properly on Virtual Box and Parallels 8. The main requirement for XtraBuild Designer is Microsoft .NET 4.0 Full Framework and a Windows OS.



6. What is your licensing policy for XtraBuild Runtime?


XtraBuild Runtime Ultimate Edition ia a freeware application that allows you to distribute your projects built with XtraBuild Designer. XtraBuild Runtime has to be installed and activated on every computer you want to distribute your project.


If you build one or more applications (projects) for one specific customer, these will all run in a single Runtime/computer, so you do not need more Runtimes on the same user’s computer.

Runtime licenses never expire and include lifetime updates.  



7. I would love to be able to install this product and activate it offline, as some of us do all our coding on a computer that is not connected to the internet.


When activating online our products on customers computers, vital parts of the application are installed, that are needed for the applications to work. After activation, the application no longer needs an online connection; it tries to connect to the server just to check if there is a new version. We're sorry, but for security reasons, we do not plan to change this licensing way.



8. I've activated XtraBuild Designer and I started to work with it, but I was only able to find SQLite and MSAccess databases, and I work with MySQL and SQL Server. Since you wrote At this moment XtraBuild works with 4 different well known database types: MS Access, SQLite, MS-SQL and MySQL I'm getting crazy how can I access/create those formats. 


At this moment, XtraBuild Designer is able to connect to any existing MS SQL, MySQL database and store data, but is not able to create MS SQL or MySQL databases. So you should create the database first, using any management tool available.

Please follow these steps to create an SQL / MySQL database:

Create an empty database in Database Server using any management tool available

2. Create a user with full rights over the database (User must have rights to modify structure of the database)

3. Be sure you can connect to this database with this user 

Please follow these steps to connect to an existing SQL database with XtraBuild Designer:

Start XtraBuild Designer 

2. Open/Create a project 

3. On main Ribbon Bar click “OPEN” in database group, a form opens 

4. Select SQL Server /MySQL Tab 

5. Click the green (+) button in the Grid to create a connection in Designer (on the bottom-left side of the Tab) 

6. Enter Connection properties 

7. Click “Test connection” button 

8. If you see a “Success” message, it means that Designer is able to connect to the database 

9. Click “Open Database” to open it 

10. Start building/using your project 

While your project is still under development, it is easier to work with a local database (SQLite) and connect to SQL Database any time you need to. It is very simple to switch from one database to another working with the same project.

BE CAREFUL: XtraBuild Designer is able to modify a database structure when it opens it, so while you are working with a project you should connect only to a database that was created to be used as storage for that project. 



9. Can someone build multi-user applications to be run on a Windows Server? (I understand that the clients will need Runtimes)


Applications built with XtraBuild Designer run in a multi-user environment . Yet there is no need for a server application to be installed.

XtraBuild Runtime can be compared with a web browser, with the difference that the Runtime does not load web pages, but projects (created with XtraBuild Designer) that run on windows desktop.



 If you need additional product information, require pre-sales assistance, or want help with your order, write to us at sales@xtrabuild.com.

 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved

 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved


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