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Royalty Free Distribution


The final step in developing applications is to distribute them to your end-users.


With XtraBuild Runtime

you can do this with no extra charges!







7 XtraBuild Runtime features you'll love:


1. Shares applications over a local network and through internet (remote)

2. Connects to SQL or MySQL servers, localy or through internet (remote)

3. Manages an unlimited number of applications built with XtraBuild Designer

4. Manages an unlimited number of databases for one application

5. Does not require a server application for sharing over a network

6. Supports different licensing rules for each application it runs

7. Out-of-the box user management system




Multiple database management


XtraBuild Runtime is able to manage the following databases: SQLite, MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server.


The necessary data for connecting to a MySQL or SQL Server database can be stored by XtraBuild Runtime.


The number of users who can access the database is limited only by the performance of the database, because the project runs as a server but it uses resources from the end-user’s computer.


The access to the project is allowed only after the user connects to the database, so he is already authorized to use the database before he could use any features of the application.

Recent databases


When a database is opened by XtraBuild Runtime, it is added to the list of Recent Databases. Users can either open a new database or open an existing database from the list of recent opened databases.


Users can easily choose to automatically open the last opened database.

Rich Text Editor


XtraBuild Runtime allows you to introduce advanced text editing capabilities into your next applications, out of the box. The included Rich Text Editor replicates many of the key features found in Microsoft Word, like:

  • Table support; Floating objects; Spell Checking and Auto Correction;
  • Loading, Saving, and Conversion to and from today’s most popular text-based document formats including DOCX, HTML, RTF, TXT, XML, ODT, EPUB, MHT, and DOC;
  • Character Formatting, Paragraph Formatting, Bulleted-Numbered Lists, and Styles;
  • Bookmarks and link to external resources such as a web page or file on disk via hyperlinks;
  • Exporting documents to: PDFHTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, SLSX, CSV, TXT and Image file.

Security Management


XtraBuild Runtime has an advanced User Management feature, alowing an administrator to set up credentials, administrative rights, security policies, password policies and profiles for the users.


This unique level of protection is possible because applications created with XtraBuild Designer are stored in the database and run in memory  in XtraBuild Runtime. For an end-user to run the application, this must be authorized in the database first.



XtraBuild Runtime can export documents (reports, charts, quick prints from grids) to the following formats: pdf, html, mht, rtf, xls, xlsx, csv, text and image (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, emf, wmf).


There are two options available for a document being exported to.

  • Export Document to a File on Disk
  • Send Exported File via E-Mail


There are many format-specific options that can be defined for each format type.

Skinable interfaces


Whether you prefer the standard look and feel offered by Microsoft Office or wish to introduce unique elements within your application, with more than 40 different skins available, you can easily change the look of XtraBuild Runtime and Projects.


Your applications never remain stagnant and are always fresh and exciting with no effort.

 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved

 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved


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