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XtraBuild Designer Key Features

Learn the features that make XtraBuild Designer one of the most powerful no-coding-necessary database building application



Standalone applications


Create stunning standalone applications.

Your XtraBuild Project and your branded Runtime can now be wrapped in a standalone solution.  

100% brandable Runtime


Distribute your applications with your own branded Runtimes. Customize the high level of visual elements of your application, including splash screen, name, logo and many other settings.  



Gantt View


The perfect gantt and resource-planning control


Extend your application with project-management capabilities with just a few clicks. The interactive Gantt View comes with an easy to understand data object-model.


The style and behavior can be fully customized through many properties end events. 

PivotGrid View


A fully customizable pivot grid engineered for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab report generation with: flexible data management, built-in filtering, grouping, data summaries and sorting, editing, conditional formatting, custom ribbonbar.




Right-to-left language (RTL) support 


The following Views/Editors support the Right-to-Left layout mode:

  • Charts
  • Grid controls (Grid, Lookup Grid, TreeList and Property Grid)
  • Data Editors and Controls (Text Control, Rating Control, etc.)
  • Ribbon, Menus and related controls (BackstageView, AppMenu, etc.)
  • Layout Control and layout containers (TabControl, GroupControl, etc.)
  • Navigation Controls (Navigation Bar, Tile Control, etc.)
  • Application UI Controls (Docking, DocumentManager, etc.)


Dashboard View


Include professional decision support systems in your applications.

The Dashboard Designer provides an intuitive UI that facilitates data binding, shaping, and layout design. Many of these normally complex tasks can be accomplished with a simple drag-and-drop operation, allowing you to start creating dashboards immediately.


The Dashboard View allows you to use various types of data sources to supply the dashboard with data, such as SQL databases, cloud data warehouses or OLAP cubes.

    • SQL databases and cloud data warehouses with the capability to create queries visually using the Query Builder. For all types of SQL data sources, you can enable server mode that can be used to perform data-related operations on the database server-side.
    • OLAP cubes deployed in the Microsoft Analysis Services database.
    • Excel data sources that allow you to select data form Microsoft Excel workbooks and CSV files.


Archive View


Robust document management functionality that helps store and manage documents in the database.


A Project containing an Archive View can store different types of documents, such as PDF, images, Word and Excel, which can be viewed and edited in XtraBuild’s own built-in editors, without the need for MS Word and MS Excel to be installed.



Displays links combined into groups. Groups of links can be expanded/collapsed in order to show/hide their contents.


The NavigationBar supports three paint views: Navigation Pane, Explorer Bar View and Side Bar View. Each of these paint views behaves and displays its contents (links) differently. Navigation Bar is synchronized with Ribbon Bar and they can be displayed in the same time.

Ribbon Interface


XtraBuild RibbonBar allows you to emulate the ribbonbar used in Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 in your applications!


With the XtraBuild Designer RibbonBar editor developers can build user interfaces similar to the ribbonbar used in Microsoft Office 2007/2010. This feature ensures that your applications will look up to date with the Microsoft applications your users are familiar with.

Docking manager


Provides the functionality for creating and working with docking windows. Starting with version each Form can be opened in front of the application (floating) or docked as a tab.


End-users can also drag forms into a tab group, dock them to different application dock zones or make them floating. This was one of the most wanted features.

Data Views


In XtraBuild Designer, a View is a collection of controls organized in a single window, which allows your end-users to view / add / edit / delete records in one or more Tables of the Database.

Views like Grid View, Tree View or Datalist View support complex sorting, filtering, grouping, ordering operations.

Data Editors


XtraBuild Designer supports 38 editors: text box editors, editors without a text box, popup editors, calculated fields, relations, security related editors and system editors.


When the structure of a database is created, the fields are automatically associated with an editor and when a View is defined, the editors are automatically placed in the form, with immediate functionality

Calculated Fields


The XtraBuild Designer provides the capability to create calculated fields that allow you to apply complex expressions to data fields:

  • from the fields of the same table (A)
  • from fields in other tables that form a relationship with table A.


The Expression Editor supports numerous standard functions, allowing you to easily perform different string, date-time, logical and math operations over data.

In the expression editor you can type an expression manually, or select functions, operators and operands using the editor's controls.



Layout Management and Customization


To create a professional UI, developers must spend countless hours arranging controls on a form, align them correctly, positioning labels, considering form resolution issues and when specifications change, they must start the process over again.


XtraBuild Designer is different. It allows you to create elegant UIs in the shortest possible time, using simple drag and drop operations.

Reporting Tools


The XtraBuild Designer reporting engine provides the capability to generate reports from data of any complexity, and then preview, print or export the resulting document into various formats.

Charting Tools


The XtraBuild Designer Charting tool is the best tool for visualizing any data with almost endless customization capabilities.


With smart high-level automation features included in XtraBuild Designer, developers are allowed to insert in their applications multiple different chart types (37 2D charts and 22 3D charts), easier than ever.


Built-in Security and User Management


We treat security of projects created with XtraBuild Designer with maximum seriousness.


The best way to protect the Projects you create is to license them. XtraBuild offers a Licensing system for your Projects and their trial versions.

Skinable Interfaces


Whether you prefer the standard look and feel offered by Microsoft Office or wish to introduce unique elements within your application, with more than 40 different skins available, you can give your applications a modern look and feel.

Printing and Exporting


Easily print or export documents (reports, charts, quick prints from views) to the following formats: pdf, html, mht, rtf, xls, xlsx, csv, text and image (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, emf, wmf).


There are many format-specific options that can be defined for each format type.

Mask Editor


XtraBuild text editors support masks. The Mask Editor helps you implement restricted data input as well as formatted data output.

Multiple Database Management


XtraBuild is able to manage the following databases: SQLite, MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server.

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 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved


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