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Xtrabuild Development is a privately held software company and leading innovator of intelligent technologies for database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows.


We started out as a local software development company specialized in database driven desktop and web applications.  Soon, instead of developing database applications we focused on developing a range of RAD tools for helping developers to create database driven applications quicker, easier and without hand-coding.


Our main product, XtraBuild Designer, is probably the only RAD tool available on the market that includes a professional Gantt chart, being the perfect tool for building Project Management / Planning applications.  



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32 Botizului street, 440110 Satu Mare, Romania (European Union)


Email us:

Headquarters: office@xtrabuild.com

Buy/sales assistance: sales@xtrabuild.com

Product information/Technical assistance: support@xtrabuild.com


Feedback and suggestions regarding our products are always welcome. We also want to know if something isn't right, this way we can fix it. 






 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved

 Copyright © 2012-2017. All rights reserved


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