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Looking for an easy to use Application Development Tool? 

Start building your next amazing desktop application with XtraBuild! 





Project and Portfolio management made easy



Keep track of tasks and projects by implementing Gantt Charts in your custom application


XtraBuild Designer takes desktop application development

and efficiency to a new level


Save time and money by using XtraBuild's rapid application development platform. Get started today.






User-friendly application builder

XtraBuild Designer is a powerful, easy to use and intuitive database application development tool that allows developers to easily build flexible business solutions for rapid deployment on Windows desktop.

Built-in Licensing Features

Stop spending your money on expensive licensing applications. Protect and license your applications created with XtraBuild using its built-in licensing and strong security features.






No Coding Needed

XtraBuild brings together all the necessary components to build solutions without requiring knowledge of a programming language: drag-and-drop layout management, calculated fields, conditional formatting, mask editor and many more.


Modern, Touch enabled, Rich UI

Build modern, touch enabled, Windows 10 ready applications with appealing UIs. With more than 40 different skins available







Analytics at your fingertips

Build custom Dashboards and analyze data from multiple sources in real time. 















Royalty Free Distribution

Build unlimited custom database driven applications for managing business information and distribute them for FREE with XtraBuild Runtime Ultimate Edition!



What our customers say about XtraBuild


``After 18 years of building applications with MS Access we saw a big difference after we switched to XtraBuild. We're able to deploy modern applications in less time than before.


We've always collected customer feedback, but what we're getting with XtraBuild is a lot more insight. Our customers are amazed by the applications built with XtraBuild. Now the X is not an unknown factor anymore.

Thank you.``


Christian Fiore

Krion Software, Malta




``For over six months we looked for the right application that could help us merge all our databases running on local computers, without buying extra MS Access licenses. We found a couple of apps on the web but they were either expensive by requiring extra licenses for each workstation or were underperforming.


We were happy to find XtraBuild Designer and Runtime. The applications run on each workstation using XtraBuild Runtime. Now every app can run on any of our workstations using XtraBuild Runtime. Our databases are hosted on a MySQL server and are accessible through the local network.``


Tiberiu Dican




 Copyright © 2012-2016. All rights reserved

 Copyright © 2012-2016. All rights reserved


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